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paperback and e-book versions


with DVD appendix


Placing the bases of this book started with the founding of the Assosiation of the School of The Saber. Since then there has been a need to organize and write down the knowledge we have gathered about saber fencing during the last more than ten years. Firstly, it was important because our students can learn this sport in a predefined system which gives them continuous knowledge for many years with steps built on each other. Secondly, it is a great help in education because it gives a leading line for us in day to day trainings...

“Fencing is not only the dexterity of the body, not only a knowledge, but both of them in an action which uses fully the body and the spirit. Fencing is a type of sport, but it is different from the others significantly. None of them uses the spirit, the wit and the knowledge at the same time. In none of them is the mental working with the agility of the body linked so tight. This property raises it to art. Its past and profession make it noble; it is a noble fight for noble ideas, for humanity. So fencing is noble and beautiful.”


Sir Gusztáv Arlow

© 2015. by Gergely Hidasi

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