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Gergely Hidasi

Born in 1978, Budapest


He is the chairman and the leading tutor of the Assosiation of The School of the Saber, founded in 2010. He has been doing saber fencing since 2000. In the last 5 years beside the leading of the Assosiation he arranged his previous studies and added it in an empirical way. With this he created an independent training system, exam system and competition rules. Several members of the Assosiation helped him in this work.



1995-2001: Shaolin Kung-fu (László Polgár )

2000-2001: Corona Hungarica (András László )

2001-2003: Mare Temporis (András László )

2003-2009: Ősi Tűz Historical Fencing Assosiation (András László )

From 2010, he is the founder member of the

Assosiation of The School of the Saber

© 2015. by Gergely Hidasi

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